0% Instalment Conversion

Dear valued Distributors,
We have noticed that a lot of your customers are converting payments into installments without our prior knowledge and it has resulted in the inconvenience of commission to their local and overseas uplines.

Thus, please be informed that customers should write the correct purchase method in the application at the time of purchase and they are NOT allowed to convert Payment into 0% card installment later without prior written notice to Enagic. Please do inform the same to ALL your customers/ team members prior to closing the sale.”

Please note that repeating this action will cause a delay and deductions in the commission to you further. Therefore, we look forward to your kind co-operation

Thank you for your continued support.
For more information, please contact us at 04-3955011, alternatively you can also reach us at cs2@enagic.ae, cs3@enagic.ae, cs4@enagic.ae, or +97154-79284257(WhatsApp).

0% Instalment Conversion – 27.12.2020

-Enagic Dubai