24 x 7 Enagic Payment Links

Dear UAE distributors,

Seeking from Enagic Dubai to ease Machine’s payments (Single Payment) for all of you and your customers, please find the following online payment links of our Kangen Machines (in/ out of UAE) available to be used 24/7, and for unlimited times based on the following tips.
How to use: –
1. Please make sure of the requested machine and click on its payment link.
2. Follow the process online and fill in the requested fields as following

How to confirm the payment with the office after payment: –
1. Customer will receive confirmation mail on his registered email address after payment with the payment details. Same as the below email sample.
2. Customer has to forward the received email on their filled-in email address, which include the Authorization Code, to Enagic Customer Service email.
3. Customer Service team will confirm the received payment Authorization Code to be matching with our internal records of payment.

Notes: –
1. For Leveluk UAE overseas sales, distributor has to request Customer Service team for Shipping charges link separately (depends on the country). So, distributor will have to use two links for the payment in case of overseas sales.
2. Customer should use correct payment link to avoid any inconvenience due to any mistakes. If any mistakes happened (eg- Use of SD 501 link for JRIV purchase, Use of Leveluk UAE-Overseas sale link for domestic purchase or vice versa etc.), customer will bear the responsibility and bear necessary charges for the correction if any.

Enagic Payment Link (Single Payment Only) –Inside UAE/ With 5% VAT

Enagic K8 AED 20,213.00

Enagic SD501 AED 15,698.00

Enagic SD501 (PLATINUM) AED 17,273.00

Enagic JRIV AED 11,550.00

Enagic Super 501 AED 22,575.00

Anespa DX  AED 12,390.00

Leveluk Payment Link (Single Payment Only) – Out-side UAE/ Overseas Sales without  5% VAT

Please ask for the shipping fees link separately.

Leveluk K8 AED 19,250.00

Leveluk SD501 AED 14,950.00

Leveluk SD501 (PLATINUM) AED 16,450.00

Leveluk JRIV AED 11,000.00

Leveluk Super 501  AED 21,500.00

Anespa DX AED 11,800.00

24.7 Enagic Payment Links